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About Us

A little more information on who we are and what we do...

Who is Privavia?

Privavia is a private jet chartering company, we are not an aircraft operator or own any aircraft.  We are here to source the best possible solution for our clients when chartering an aircraft for the most efficient costs.  
We also have a private jet membership program which will allow frequent flyers to charter aircraft direct from our operators at wholesale cost, no commission added. Get in touch to find out when additional memberships become available.

Where is Privavia based?

Privavia is based in Glasgow, Scotland. Although our registered office is based in the heart of Glasgow's city centre, our professional, friendly private jet charter experts work remotely.  This is extremely beneficial for Privavia, our clients and the environment as we eliminate overheads for a large office building which allows us to offer the best cost solutions to our clients and eliminates the need for daily commuting.

Where can Privavia take me?

As the saying goes "the world's your oyster".  You can go anywhere, anytime, from anywhere.  Privavia have the expertise when it comes to arranging your private jet charter.  With a lot more options as to where you can fly to, flying private means you can access airports much closer to your destination compared to flying commercially where you are limited to large, international airports.

What makes privavia efficient?

At Privavia, we are most efficient in cost, time and dedication.  We are able to offer the best cost for charter from our aircraft operators to our clients as we have the benefit of working from our home offices.  We also use the most up to date software systems and have the most professional - yet family feel interaction with our exclusive members to ensure we communicate and manage all tasks appropriately with the highest level of attention to detail.

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