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Luxury Travel

Whether you are jetting off on a family holiday, celebrating a special occasion such as a wedding or honeymoon, or ticking an experience off your bucket list, chartering a private jet could not be easier. 

Avoid the crowded airports, lost luggage, hassle and stresses of commercial airports and control your own schedule. 

Chartering a private jet gives you access to airports that are unavailable for large commercial airliners.  This allows us to take your family and friends closer to your destination.  With the ability to arrive at your aircraft minutes before departure which results in significantly less travel time, you are gaining back valuable time to spend on vacation.

Creating the most luxurious and bespoke experiences across the globe, we can assist you with every step through our network of trusted partners.  From superyachts to private islands and experiences you could never dream of...

Your journey starts here with Privavia.

Luxury Travel: Activities
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