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How to charter a private jet?

Chartering a private jet sounds daunting, doesn't it?

Well, here at Privavia, we make the process of chartering a private jet extremely easy and straight forward.

By using modern communication means - Such as WhatsApp for example, you are only a message away from jetting off wherever you need to go. Our team are available 24/7 to handle all requests and we aim to get back to you with the most suitable options as soon as possible for your desired flight.

When you initially make contact with our team, we will require a few pieces of information from you to ensure we can match you with the perfect aircraft to accommodate your needs.

Information we will require are things such as;

- Date and preferred times of travel

- Departure and arrival destinations

- Total number of passengers travelling

- Any special requirements needed such as pet friendly aircraft, special occasion requests (birthdays, engagement, honeymoon) in order for us to create a memorable journey for you.

When we know what you require, we will be back in touch very quickly with the most suitable options for your required charter. Quotations will give you an understanding of the total cost of charter, estimated flight timings, type of aircraft including pictures of interior and exterior, year of manufacture, if the aircraft has been through refurbishments and general terms and conditions for the flight.

If you are happy with the options provided, you give us the big thumbs up to secure your aircraft! Woo! To secure your aircraft, we will present you with a charter contract and general terms and conditions for charter. Upon signing, the aircraft is officially yours for charter.

Invoice for your charter will be sent following the signing of the contract via a secure payment link.

Last thing we need you to do is send over the required documentation for all passengers travelling and that is it, that is all we need from you - Sounds a lot but it really isn't. We are able to get clients in the air within 2 hours of initial request!

Well before commencement of flight, Privavia will send across a flight brief detailing the itinerary for travel day. This provides details such as all timings for departure and arrival, flight numbers, aircraft registration, your pilots and crew details, handling agent details at both departure and arrival airports including address and contact information, ground transportation arrangements, emergency contact details of Privavia.

Finally, travel day! Arrive at the VIP terminal minutes before departure where our wonderful colleagues and crew will greet you and take you straight onto your aircraft.

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